What's sustainable?

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When it comes to your personal preference, some fish choices are incredibly harmful to the marine environment, either due to them being unsustainable choices or requiring harmful fishing practices for capture.

Choose fish that are caught responsibly (they will have an MCS sticker on the packet) and with methods that are green such as pot caught or hand lined. If you must go farmed, at least choose organically farmed. 

If you can, avoid these vulnerable species that can commonly be found when shopping or dining out: 

  •  Sharks
  • Skate
  • Bluefin tuna
  • Seabass
  • Whitebait
  • Swordfish
  • King or tiger prawns
  • Wild Atlantic halibut 

If the price hasn’t put you off already, your fish choices can be a fintastic (sorry) way to help marine life! The Marine Conservation Society has a brilliant app and a handy pocket sized leaflet listing the fish you should and shouldn’t be avoiding. 

Something else you should be aware of is that some fish and chip shops will sell a critically endangered shark called the spiny dogfish, instead of your normal fish supper! Talk about false advertising! 


If you see this anywhere, or listed as one of the many other aliases for a spiny dogfish: rocksalmon, flake, rock eel, huss, then PLEASE get in touch with us at  

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