Whoa, slow down cowboy!

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No wake in the harbour! Not only will it annoy fellow captains of other boats as they get sloshed about, it is also very inconsiderate to animals such as seals or basking sharks that often come closer to shores.

In addition to the extra noise of engines carrying more revs disturbing animals, there is always a risk of hitting a seal, cetacean or a shark in shallower waters and causing damage ranging from GBH to something a little more permanent. 

Nobody wants that on his or her conscious and you could face legal charges and a large fine, as basking sharks are a protected species. 

If you encounter any large marine life out of the harbour, please keep a respectful distance and do not actively approach any marine species within 100m of the animal. If you switch off your motors or place them in neutral in their anticipated course, they are far more likely to come and investigate you if you’re not making scary noises! That way, everyone’s a winner!

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