Be responsible with your tackle,
Even though it is quite ample,
please, do not put it about,
Not everyone wants you to share it out!

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You’ve had a good (lets be optimistic) fishing trip either from land or out at sea. It’s been such a good trip you can’t wait to get home or down to the pub to exercise some serious bragging rights. But, hang on a second… what happened to that discarded bit of wire/rope you forgot about or snagged on a rock?

To be blunt, one of the many places it might end up may be wrapped around a seal’s neck, in a choking, sleeping with the fishes kinda way.

Discarded fishing tackle contributes to some truly awful demises; even Quentin Tarrantino couldn’t think them up!

We will be doing our part and trying to get support and funding to install some fishing wire bins in popular fishing areas. Until then, your pocket or bag is just as good!

Being as good a fisher as you are, I’m sure you know all the basics such as fish at high tide to avoid snagging, use hooks that will straighten and use biodegradable line. If you’d like any more top tips, then please get in touch with us at  

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