The Thoughtful Campaign is here to offer simple hints and tricks to change your daily habits for the good of marine environments everywhere!

Why is that important? Well, for several reasons, but the most popular of all being that the oceans are home to some of the most charismatic animals including: dolphins, whales, turtles, seahorses and for some people, sharks!

 If you believe these animals belong in the wild, need to be protected or you’d simply like the new additions to your family to actually see these animals rather than just be shown photos of a bygone era, then there has never been a greater time to act than NOW!

 We want to show you that the Thoughtful Campaign is an effective way to make a difference to the marine environment.

 The phrase, “what difference will I make?” is not allowed to be uttered, we are all in this together!

 how to be Thoughtful...(click on the links to find out more!)

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Thoughtful Campaign

Research. Protect. Inspire.