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Roped in!

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Our bracelets are made from discarded fishing rope or netting that we have found whilst conducting beach cleans. By recycling this marine litter, we are hoping to keep it out of the oceans and onto your stylish wrists!

Just to give you an idea of how long this stuff can knock about in the sea for, we would like you to wear your bracelet as much as you can! That’s right, in the shower, going for a swim or even getting down and dirty (for example doing your gardening or during extreme sports). 

Next, let us know on how long the bracelet lasts on your wrist before it becomes unusable.


It will take a while!

Please include details such as how long you have been wearing your manxsmc bracelet, did you wear it in the shower (if you did, how many times a week) or, did you take it for a dip in the local pool or the sea?

If you don’t want to be roped into our little experiment, no worries! You are keeping some litter out of the sea and you are supporting our marine research by purchasing a little treat for yourself!

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Colour availability may vary depending on what we have managed to scoop up from the beach, but we will endeavour to match you up with your fave! 

Colours include blue, green, orange, yellow, silver, black or red. Or feel free to mix and match with any of these colours!

***NOTE*** We are currently out of stock but reserve your bracelet today and we will send it out as soon as we are fully stocked up again!

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Keep checking back here for new additions to our range. 

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