Got any spare change Governor?

 So here’s where we get down to the serious stuff…you can probably guess what we’re going to ask for! Like everything else in the world we need money to allow our work to continue, this is where your VITAL donations come in. The fact of the matter is that conservation needs resources, and not only that, needs long-term funding solutions that can produce and maintain actual revenue for what is an ever challenging sector. In order to help maintain ecosystems, understand biodiversity and continue to protect Manx waters and all they encompass for the future, we need your help.

They say Rome wasn't built in a day but here are some of the ways you can donate:

 Paypal: The wonder of technology these days means you can send us your donations down the digital highways!  Go on give us a click…. 

 The personal touch: If you live locally, feel free to dig deep in those pockets, have a good old rummage down the back of the sofa and come and have a yarn with us. Your pennies really can help us go a long way, which you can find out more about whilst getting the pleasure of talking to us delightful folk! We will be appearing at various events throughout the year, all of which, you can check out on our events page.

 Gift aid: Make sure to check out our gift aid section to learn more about how you can donate to our cause each time you shop online with no extra cost to you! You can find us on The Giving Machine

Make sure to watch out for our specialist causes and how you can help in the future.

Widen the community: After you have made a donation, stay involved by liking us on facebook, following us on twitter and keeping up with our work via our blog/newsletter and see how your funds are having an active impact on the Manx marine environment.


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