The Shore Thing:  

A Marine Biological Association initiative 

Manxsmc will be conducting rocky shore surveys around the Isle of Man in conjunction with the Shore Thing project. By following strict protocols for each survey method, the Manx data will be comparable to additional surveys conducted in the U.K.

The Shore Thing project is different to other scientific surveys, as all the data will be made available to anyone that wants to see it! An individual survey site on the Isle of Man, will host two surveys; a transect survey and a 20 minute timed species search.

Transect surveys will consist of taking a specific grid reference for the site and using compass bearings to form the transect line. This will establish the upper, middle and lower shore zones in which survey quadrats will be placed. In each quadrat, an abundance scale will be used to record the percentage cover of a particular species.

The timed species search will be conducted over a 20 minute time period, with specifically, 22 species being sought out. Each participant will be given a number of identification cards for target species and once familiarised with the key features and photographs, will begin the search. The number of species found will be recorded using a simple abundance scale. Once the search is completed, all participants will regroup and record the abundance of each species on the recording form.

Any invasive species found during either survey type will also be recorded.

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