Whats that blob?!

Do you want to learn more about Manx jellyfish?

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Well, whether you’re a beachcomber, swimmer, boat user or kayaker, your jellyfish reports will play a vital role in helping us all to learn more about our jellies!

Join us and report your sightings here and download our handy Manx jelly guide here!

Identifying stranded jellyfish can be difficult. This is why we hope to encourage your inner David Bailey-ness to take pictures of any jellyfish you find. This includes taking pictures of the top of the jelly bell and underneath the jellyfish.

jellyfish surveys 1 20150617 1737195409BUT, please be careful when turning over the jellyfish and, NEVER touch an unidentified jellyfish as they can still sting long after death jellyfish surveys 1 20150617 1737195409

There’s always plenty of debris or driftwood to use in order to turn over the jelly!

Their tentacles can extend further away from the bell of the jellyfish than you might imagine, so please be aware and never approach a stranded jelly without footwear!

Not only will our survey investigate the distribution patterns of jellyfish around the Isle of Man, it will also provide indicators of the vitality of Manx waters. As sightings of ‘unusual’ visitors such as, sunfish and turtles are becoming more frequent in colder waters, keeping a record of their food - jellyfish, will aid in new conservation efforts.

In addition to this, large species distributions, such as the basking shark, may be better understood by assessing how jellyfish are utilising Manx waters, by monitoring the effects of feeding jellyfish on zooplankton numbers.

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