Research. Protect. Inspire.

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The manxsmc was created in the summer of 2013, formed from the minds of two eager budding marine scientists; Haley Dolton and Becca Crow, wanting to better understand and inform about the marine habitats, ecosystems, biodiversity and oceanography around the Isle of Man. From that point on we have worked tirelessly to build upon our ideas and make them a reality.

The philosophy of manxsmc is to act as advocates for research, education and conservation and through the establishment of a non-for-profit scientific initiative, aim to preserve and enhance the Manx marine environment.

Our objective is to learn about, protect and conserve the Manx marine environment for the future.

Our vision is to generate knowledge to further understand the uniquely rich habitats and associated marine flora and fauna found in Manx waters.

By understanding this diversity, we hope to establish links between people and marine life, which is vital to protect the distinctive Manx marine environment.

Thoughtful Campaign

Research. Protect. Inspire.