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The Manx Society for Marine Conservation will be collaborating with the following innovative and inspiring organisations: 

The Shark Trust


Established in 1997, the Shark Trust is the UK registered charity which works to advance the worldwide conservation of sharks through science, education, influence and action. Our vision is a world where sharks thrive in a globally healthy marine ecosystem.

The Great Eggcase Hunt is a Shark Trust initiative that was established in 2003, and has been engaging the public in hunting for spent shark, skate and ray eggcases along the UK coastline ever since. Thanks to their supporters, the Shark Trust now has an extensive and ever expanding database of eggcase records, which continues to provide crucial information about the distribution of British sharks, skates and rays.

The Marine Biological Association 

collaborators 1 20140708 2050356609The MBA is a registered charity and was founded in 1884 and in 1888 opened the Plymouth Laboratory at Citadel Hill. The charitable aims of the Marine Biological Association (MBA) are:

‘to promote scientific research into all aspects of life in the sea, including the environment on which it depends, and to disseminate to the public the knowledge gained.'

The MBA's Shore Thing is an initiative of MarLIN, the Marine Life Information Network, working with schools and community groups to collect information on the marine life of rocky shores around Britain. The project follows on from the UK’s Marine Biodiversity and Climate Change Programme (MarClim). 

Unesco Biosphere Isle of Man

biosphere 1 20150506 1429462262The Biosphere Isle of Man project is aiming to become the world’s first entire small country with this accolade, to help show we live in a special place for nature and special place for people, and we can all play a role in keeping it special. 

A massive thank you from manxsmc to these generous people! They help us to make a difference to the unique Manx marine environment! 

 Haldane Fisher - iom branch

haldane-fisher-logo-newHaldane Fisher is one of the leading independent suppliers to the construction industry in the UK and Ireland, serving both trade customers and the general public. Haldane Fisher is part of the Haldane Shiells Group, made up of Haldane Fisher NI, Haldane Fisher Isle of Man, and GE Robinson in North West England bringing the total number of branches within the Group to sixteen. The business has grown organically and through acquisition since it was founded by Bob Haldane in 1946, but it still retains the high levels of personal service one would associate with a family run business. 



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So, who runs this joint?

Haley Dolton (BSc)

Haley Dolton profile picI graduated with a Biology degree in 2011 from Oxford Brookes University. I have always had a keen interest in sharks and I landed my dream job working for the Oxford Museum of Natural History cataloguing their Elasmobranch section. I also began volunteering for several NGO’s and charities at the same time.

At one point I was volunteering for four different organisations! Although exhausting, it gave me plenty of experience in analysing data, designing projects, writing technical reports and field identification skills.

It also made it clear in my mind that I wanted to specialise in the role of genetics of populations with an emphasis on phenotypic plasticity and mtDNA evolutionary relationships on practical conservation strategies. These are two areas I feel will have an ever-increasing importance in conservation of endangered populations and it’s something I’d like to pursue to help protect the unique Manx marine environment. 

Becca Crow (BSC)

Becs_1 In 2009 I became a graduate of Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge with a joint-honours degree in marine biology and animal behaviour.

After completing my degree, I soon began to realise the importance of having both qualifications and experience if I was to pursue my passion for marine biology and it was whilst working for several charities and NGO’s, I built up a repertoire of practical and theoretical skills useful to my chosen career.

These posts have not only given me the experience of evaluating the need for and implementing practical management and conservation solutions, but have continued to add to the skills I developed at Uni, including project design, data collection, statistical analysis, report writing and management evaluation.

There are so many topic areas that I am interested in, way more than I can mention here.... but if my hand is forced, then I would have to say that I am keen to employ multidisciplinary tools such as biogeographical techniques to examine spatial and temporal patterns of biological distribution in Manx waters. This will allow any local population and dispersal patterns to be better understood and managed.  Additionally, I am interested in the evolutionary basis and ecological pressures that may help to explain current observed behavioural patterns of local marine organisms.

I feel both these disciplines have great usefulness and application in a practical conservation setting and hold countless potential for understanding and protecting the Manx marine environment and its inhabitants further.


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